The IDSA hub Bulgaria provides comprehensive support for various activities related to data sharing both from the business and technology sides.   

IDS technology adoption 

The hub facilitates IDS technologies adoption acceleration through providing technical expertise related to IDS architecture and components application and implementation for the realization of industrial and public data spaces. By adhering to IDS reference architecture (IDS-RAM) and implementing the respective components, the spaces will be realized as safe environments, guaranteeing availability, integrity and sovereignty of data sources, and providing advanced security mechanisms that are important for the industry, and other data asset providers, thus promoting trust in sharing data. 

IDS experimentation environment 

The hub hosts an IDS reference testbed which provides an experimentation environment of integrated IDS components. The testbed consists of open source components built upon the IDS specifications for establishing connections and communication between all components of the IDS reference architecture. 

The testbed can be used for: 

  • Component behaviour testing
  • Interoperability testing against IDS components 
  • Preparation for IDS certification 
  • Reference point for creation of data spaces 

Business expertise 

The GATE Institute is a business implementation partner for IDSA and holds business expertise related to the elaboration of new data sharing driven use cases and business models. It also facilitates the establishment of a national and regional self-sustainable ecosystem through supporting both supply and demand-side e.g., the data sharing and the value-adding utilization of data in various industrial, city-related and public data use cases. GATE is also providing targeted training on data sharing principles and business models focused on demonstrating how to create value from data and how to effectively manage the data as valuable asset.