Members of the International Data Spaces Association are drawn from major industry sectors, as well as renowned software companies and research institutions. Currently, IDSA has 130+ members in more than 20 countries across European Union and worldwide. Members are actively involved in all the activities of the association: they steer the steering committee, lead working groups and task forces, head communities and adoption initiatives and play key roles in the organization itself. 

Benefits of membership include: 

  • Learning IDS concepts 
  • Access to research insights and cross-pollination between research and industry 
  • Technology, certification and networking events 
  • Support for implementation and adoption of IDS-certified products and services 
  • Involvement in member-driven projects that become use cases and success stories for your business

Two Bulgarian organizations are currently members of the IDSA: Sofia University ”St.Kliment Ohridski” and CNSYS 

At IDSA Hub Bulgaria we are eager to welcome and involve new members to the local community of data sharing enthusiasts and collaborate for the establishment of the future data economy. If you are interested, please Contact us for more information.