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IDSA Hub Bulgaria

The smartest way to get value from your data

The International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) and its Bulgarian hub – GATE Institute – are collaborating towards establishing the future global data economy in which all participants share their data in a secure and sovereign way and can benefit from the full potential of their data.  

The International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) is a not-for-profit coalition that brings together companies, scientists, lawmakers and all relevant stakeholders to realize a joint vision of the future data economy and create a global standard for international data spaces (IDS) technology that will enable it. The vision is a world where data providers enjoy true data sovereignty and realize the full value of their data in secure, trusted, and equal partnerships. Currently, the 130+ IDSA members represent dozens of industry sectors based in 20+ countries across the European Union and around the world.

GATE Institute is the Bulgarian IDSA Hub facilitator and an enabler for incubation and acceleration of innovations based on data sharing and utilization at the national and regional level. The hub fosters knowledge transfer and promotes data spaces, data sovereignty and IDS technology adoption in Bulgaria. It works with IDSA on a variety of initiatives to raise awareness among the business and society and establish a local community of data sharing enthusiasts. It fosters and coordinates research and development projects to accelerate the adoption of the IDS standard in various domains. The GATE Institute is working on establishing the first data space in the smart city domain.  

What are Data Spaces?

Data spaces provide companies of any size and in any industry to manage their data assets in a sovereign way. A data space is the sum of all its participants: data providers, users and intermediaries. IDSA provides a reference architecture for this purpose, a formal standard to build and operate these data spaces.  

First Bulgarian Data Space

IDSA Hub Bulgaria facilitated by the GATE Institute is supporting the establishment of pilot data spaces in several domains including smart cities, cultural heritage and healthcare. The Urban Data Space is the most mature of those initiatives building a strong community of utility companies, municipalities, ecological organizations, technology providers for smart cities, governmental agencies and citizens to grow and realize brave and innovative ideas.